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Transfer to Lyngen and Narvik From December 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019  

The Arctic Route is all about making the Arctic region more accessible for travelers. Together with various providers of experiences in the region around Tromsø, Bussring have made it easier to reach different kind of activities in Lyngen, Senja, Målselv, Bardu and Narvik during the winter season.

There will be daily departures with modern coaches from: Tromsø towards Narvik; Narvik towards Tromsø; Tromsø towards Lyngen; Lyngen towards Tromsø. The service will operate from December 1st until end of March 2018. There will be light refreshments and online guiding onboard the coaches.

For the 2018 / 2019 season there will be a departure from Narvik towards Tromsø that correspond with the incoming train from Kiruna to Narvik. There will also be a departure from Polar Park , that correspond with the bus from Tromsø, that will make it possible for travelers to catch the train from Narvik to Kiruna in the afternoon.

This will give train travelers an opportunity to book a transfer from Narvik to Tromsø and from Tromsø to Narvik, that correspond with the arrival of the train in Narvik around 1 pm and the departure from Narvik around 3 pm. It will make it possible for travelers to travel from Tromsø to Kiruna and from Kiruna to Tromsø at the same day.




Tromsø - Narvik

Dep Tromsø09:00
Arr Nordkjosbotn10:00
Arr Heia10:25
Arr Buktamo10:50
Arr Setermoen11:30
Arr Polar Park12:00
Dep Polar Park (To Narvik)12:10
Dep Polar Park15:00
Arr Narvik16:15
Flybussen Tromsø

Narvik - Tromsø

Dep Narvik10:30
Arr Polar Park11:45
Dep Narvik13:20
Arr Polar Park14:40
Dep Polar Park15:00
Arr Buktamoen16:10
Arr Nordkjosbotn17:00
Arr Tromsø18:00

Tromsø - Lyngen

Dep Tromsø08:45
Arr Brevikeidet09:30
Ferry to Svensby10:00
Arr Lyngseidet10:45
Arr Aurora Spirit11:00
Dep Aurora Spirit13:45
Dep Lyngseidet14:00
Ferry from Svensby14:40
Dep Brevikeidet15:10
Arr Tromsø16:00

If you only need a bus ticket you can book it here


Ice climbing in Lyngen

A truly unique opportunity!
Hike with us through ancient winter woodlands and try ice climbing on a frozen waterfall.

Aurora Spirit

Aurora Spirit has established the most modern and northernmost distillery in the world.

Reindeer sledding & Sami culture

Join a pleasant and fun reindeer sledding, the oldest means of transport in arctic Norway, in beautiful North Norwegian nature.

Aurora Safari in Lyngen

Our guides are ready to give you your best experiences in an amazing arctic landscape

Visit Vollan Gjestestue – Nordkjosbotn

Restaurant & hotel
Distance to Tromsø 70 km, Lyngen Alps 60 km, Tamokdalen 30 km and the possibility for nice trips is just outside “the door”.

Daytrip to Polar Park from Tromsø

Welcome to the world’s northern- most wildlife park, perfectly situated in the beautiful Salangsdalen valley.

Amazing Snowman

– Aurora, Husky, Sami, Santa
The climate of the inland Målselv, only two hours from Tromsø, is dry and cold with ultimate conditions for snow and Northern Light


Northern Lights and skiing at Målselv Mountain Village

The inland climate is perfect for snow and winter activities. Skiing in prepared cross-country trails or downhill ski slopes.

Målselv Fjellandsby

Magical winter adventures on Senja

Wildlife – Northern Lights – Dogsledding
experience exciting winter adventures and perfect 360° panorama view to the Northern Lights and an amazing landscape by the sea

A visit to Polar Park, with accommodation at Fjellkysten

Fjellkysten hotel is located by the quiet ord Lavangen, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the ord.

Ice- fishing and Polar Park visit

Welcome to Polar Park, and ice fishing the next day. The bus will take you from Tromsø to Polar Park where you can meet moose and all the arctic preda- tors.

The Arctic Urban Wilderness Experience

In a comfortable high quality bus, being served hot drinks and light snacks, you will get to experience Polar Park and Lights at the Lodge in Narvik fjellet.

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